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DCL P2E Power Rankings: #2


Lists are arbitrary and reductive.

Nothing about this should be taken too seriously.

If you are making something in Decentraland for other people to do, I think you are amazing.

1. ICE Poker

Last Weeks Rank: 1

DCL Locations: Chateau Satoshi, Tominoya,

Following a passed Decentraland DAO proposal, Decentral Games is distributing 1,111,111 Mana through October 14th to those staking ICE-USDC on Quickswap. Check out their blog post if you are interested in learning about How to Earn MANA From Staking ICE-USDC.

The team continues to work and keep the community updated, sharing a high-level roadmap with the big-ticket items and which quarter they are targeting for release into early 2023.

No one is doing more in the metaverse and better positioned for the future than the team at Decentral Games.

2. Wilderness

Last Weeks Rank: 3

If you read my previous post, Wilderness P2E: A Magical Experiment, you already know how I feel about the team at Wilderness. They are pushing the future of DCL gaming forward while delivering solid gameplay and incredible wearables.

They continue to expand their network of creators with another fantastic piece, with a magical amulet made by RefractionDCL probably minted out by the time you read this.

Wilderness moved up to #2 this week, and I’ll be the first to admit it is a biased position, but I love what the team is doing, and I’ve seen too many people complaining about WonderZone over the last couple weeks to keep them in the #2 spot.

3. WonderZone

Last Weeks Rank: 2

WonderZone is in a very unenviable position, being one of the first significant grant proposals and premier destinations in Decentraland that people become aware of when joining the community; they have all eyes on them while they attempt to navigate primarily uncharted waters.

If you aren’t in the WonderZone discord and are an active member of the DCL community, I would strongly suggest joining. They do a great job with their monthly updates, and I think people voicing criticisms about WonderZone should refrain if they aren’t making an honest effort to stay informed.

WonderZone is getting moved down a spot simply because public sentiment has been shifting, and they’ve had to move back the timeline of their grant proposal.

I think as more people become aware of the planned release of the NFT Pickaxes this month, the WonderZone hype will return.

4. DiceMasters

Last Weeks Rank: 5

Website: N/A

DiceMasters is moving up a slot this week because I love what they are doing, the art is incredible, and they keep releasing new things and updates almost daily.

If someone was going to check DCL out and asked me for one suggestion on what to do, DiceMasters is what I would suggest they check out, especially if they are casual gamers of any kind.

It’s the spot to be, and if you want to get a head start on the next big thing in DCL, you should hope in see what it’s about.

5. 8 Metaball Pool

Last Weeks Rank: 6

Website: N/A

8 Meta Balls had its first PvP Tournament with 16 entrants and a modest prize pool of $100. This is the kind of innovation DCL needs if it is going to reach the potential many of us believe it has. The sooner we get to fully automated competitive gaming events, the better, and I was excited to see someone making progress towards that.

If you like pool, I strongly recommend checking out this game.

6. GolfCraft

Last Weeks Rank: 4

Website: N/A


DCL Cords: Golf Crat [47,-45]

GolfCraft’s fall to 6th place has more to do with my excitement over DiceMasters and the successful events 8MetaBalls ran than any fault of their own.

If they had announced their upcoming Streamers League Event before the morning I’m editing this, and they probably would have been able to maintain their previous position.

I’m excited to check out some of the streams in the 4-week event starting July 18th.

7. Exodus

Last Weeks Rank: 8

Website: N/A

DCL Cords: 126,44

Exodus is moving up one spot this week, mostly in response to the overwhelming support they received to my previous list and cries of “have you ever played it!?” This indicates they didn’t read the article and just looked at the picture. I’ll say now what I said then; I’m not checking this game out until it’s free to play.

8. Oasis Arcade

Last Weeks Rank: 7

Oasis Arcade had to push back the release of its wearable minting, which isn’t a big deal and no reason to not check them out, but it didn’t help them overcome the tremendous support Exodus has been getting on Twitter.

9. Rovi

Last Weeks Rank: NA

I had never heard of Rovi until BillyTeacoin had called them out as a missed project from my previous list. As chance would have it, I ended up podcasting with the founders the following week. The team behind Rovi are DCL OGs in the best sense, building since before many of us ever heard to word “metaverse.”

I still have a lot to learn about this project, but I look forward to their next mint and hope to get myself a Rovi for 0.1eth.

10. Vroomway

Last Weeks Rank: NA


Discord: (opens next week)

DCL Cords: -103,-144 [goes live in two-weeks]

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, Nikki Fuego - Coming in HOT, Vroomway and Nikki Fuego are why this blog exists. The only reason they didn’t make my list last week is that it didn’t feel right to include a project without any content in DCL when there are so many projects to discuss.

However, over the first full week of July, Vroomway held an event/contest where users could find four portals in DCL and tweet proof they found them for a chance to win a wearable that would grant access to the upcoming Alpha release.

Walking onto the platform and transforming into a Vroomway vehicle for the first time was incredible and only added fuel to the fire of my excitement.

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