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The Race is on at Vroomway!

If you are new here, you may be unaware, but Nikki Fuego, the Vroomway Founder and Lead 3D Artist, is the patron saint of this blog. I may be biased, but since I didn't know Nikki 6-months ago, and I'm a notorious asshole, this should be as good an endorsement as anyone can receive, so stop reading and go check out the game!

There are few things I've supported more vocally or encouraged others to invest in than Vroomway. That was also before experiencing any aspect of the project, outside of some sneak peeks here and there.

Covered in a previous article Nikki Fuego - Coming in HOT, Nikki's DCL origin story is a short one so far, but she is writing it in fire. A track record of working within and building teams to create high-caliber pieces:

I never doubted that she and the team she built would do something extraordinary. However, making a game with new functionality Decentraland has never seen before is exponentially more challenging than making one wearable or hosting a single event.

Having spent the last 30-days playing whenever I've had free time, at the expense of my other DCL Gaming commitments, I am as excited as I've ever been.


NFTs: None. You don't need to own anything special to play this game, just having any old empty wallet connected to Decentraland will do.

Click on the spinning Solo-Sprints Icon

After a brief loading window, you will be brought here. Select "Start" and wait for the countdown to finish.

Don't let the try-hards at the top of the leaderboard stress you out, we all took way to long to get the hang of the track our first time.

No need to scroll backup, click this link and go race!

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