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DCL P2E Power Rankings: Week 1

Before we get started

Lists are arbitrary and reductive.

Nothing about this should be taken too seriously.

If you are making something in Decentraland for other people to do, I think you are amazing.

1. ICE Poker

Unquestionably the reigning champ of Decentraland locations based on any reasonable metrics. Decentral Games' ICE Poker venues all appear among the most populated venues in DCL at all times of the day. A cornerstone of the Decentraland community, DG has onboarded more people into DCL than any other project or organization.

2. WonderMine

If you joined Decentraland before ICE Poker was up and running, there is a good chance that WonderMine was the first thing you did, and it was certainly your introduction to P2E gaming, even if you never went on to buy or sell any Wonderzone wearables. No matter when you joined Decentraland, you've almost certainly spent some time grinding for a better pick ax, if you haven't, go show some respect to your elders and go check it out.

3. Wilderness

The community playing Wilderness seems to be exactly the kind of people I would recommend joining. A strong core of builders helping to augment the project is at the center of the community Wilderness is building around it.

The people building and playing the game are doing it for the right reasons, and you won’t find a more helpful bunch of people. I’m excited to see what Wilderness does as it closes out its first year.

4. GolfCraft

If you haven’t played GolfCraft since early 2022, do yourself a favor and go back and check it out, they’ve built a really nice game over there, and if you like golf or other golfing games, you will enjoy GolfCraft. They also have a crazy number of wearables you can spend their tickets on made by some of DCLs best artists.

5. DiceMasters

DiceMasters is only 6-weeks old, but I’m in love and I can’t imagine a world where they don’t crush this list someday. If you have not had a chance to see what they are building, you have to go check it out. It’s very relaxing.

6. 8 Metaball Pool

I suck at pool. If you like playing pool or are good at pool, I bet you’d like what they are building. I am terrible at pool… I’m sure that is affecting their placement. They have some nice wearables you can earn.

7. Oasis Arcade

I’ve only been a few times, but I’ve been having fun. Only two games so far, but they have a daily login reward and will have wearables soon,

8. Exodus

I’ve not gotten a chance to play but just based on how quickly it has taken up a good chunk of my Twitter timeline alone, they clearly are doing something over there.

9. Infinity Engine

Made in 2020, this experience is awesome and I wanted to give it some love on the first Power Rankings, but I do not believe it’s being updated at this time.

10. Coin Rush

I stumbled on this while checking out anything on the map that sounded like a game, and it’s fun and anyone who enjoys DCL parkour should check it out.

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